Thursday, July 31

la post

as i was admiring the facade of this building, i was reminded that it is a home to one of your favorite federal organizations, the united states postal service.
the deco diamonds caught my eye and i had to take some snapshots quickly because yes, there was a bus to catch.


ana dane said...

i love the deco diamonds (my favorite kind to wear), but the second photo i love even more. there's something soothing about the blank space.

i was just at the p.o. this morning, actually, and missing working there. let me tell you, i'd show those slow-as-molasses morons who work there now how to get things done. they are possibly the poorest excuse for laborers i've ever encountered.

avra romanowitz said...

i liked when you worked at todd union. i think you once said that was your favorite job ever. we used to get so many free magazines. where did we put them?

Teep said...

yay for USPS, I was in the post office this morning getting postcard stamps... tropical fruits