Sunday, July 6

my little friend quiche.

this is my first quiche. it was enjoyed by some visitors from portland this morning, only the adults liked it a lot better than the kids, who really didn't like it at all. note to self: when preparing brunch for the under-11 crowd, stick with the basics. lucky for me, there is a nice bakery around the corner, where the girls were happy to find a croissant and a pastry that better fit their picky palates, so i wasn't a complete failure.

when shopping for the ingredients, i looked at the prepared pie crusts in the frozen section, and thought i should pick one up...just in case. but then i had the thing in my hand--it hadn't yet made it to my basket--when i became determined to do the thing on my own. i quickly dumped it back in the freezer. the crust may not be pretty, but it tasted fine and seemed to be the right level of flakiness.

oh, spinach and gruyere, in case you were wondering. come over for leftovers!


ana dane said...

i am both proud and NOT disappointed in your first-ever quiche.

it looks marvelous. can i have a slice for breakfast, please? my cupboards are bare and now my mouth is watering.

avra romanowitz said...

i'll be having more lakeside morning guests this weekend, so i think i'll be making another one friday evening. you're invited.

i imagine bare cupboards for you is somewhat jarring (pun intended).