Wednesday, July 2

Lush Life

Central Park may not be the most surprising setting to look for beauty here, but there really are countless spots that cry out to be photographed.

This was looking up into an impressive American elm, while a saxophone player's soft version of "Lush Life" weaved into the air behind me. It's one of my favorite places in the entire park, incredibly green, far from both the east and west sides, and always accented with that beautiful music.

(Full disclosure: I actually wanted to photograph and post about the most amazing woMan I've ever seen on the subway yesterday, but there was no way I could take a picture without risking my life. sHe was about 6'2", longish strawberry blond(e) ponytail complete with receding hairline, gray pleated schoolgirl skirt, a white, short-sleeve, button-down shirt with a jaunty, matching gray snap-on tie, a bubblegum-pink purse, and one gold hoop earring. Then God punished me for ogling by having a huge woman carrying three gigantic shopping bags almost sit on and crush me.)


avra romanowitz said...

the elm is twisted and intricate, much like your originally desired subject matter. and even though you didn't capture the shot of the tranny (i really wish you had), your description paints a very vivid picture, complete with several bits of beauty.

Space Samurai said...

I love that picture. I love trees, looking up at them, and though I have taken several pictures from such an angle, I've never had one that good. Thanks for sharing. don't get those in Texas much. I feel like I'm missing out on something.

ana dane said...

it's surprising how beautiful the trees in new york can be- maybe because there are less of them, you really get to know and appreciate each one.