Thursday, July 3

don't snap and drive.

the washington park arboretum is minutes away from where i live. similar to central park in that is an "urban oasis," it is unlike that major park because this is the northwest, and the flora are quite special, unique to this area. it's a beautiful park and i often drive through the arboretum because it's the easiest and fastest way to get to certain parts of town, but it's never a pain to ride along this windy 20mph road, because the views are lush, green and lovely.

last night and this morning we've had authentic thunderstorms...and i love it! thunder and lightning (which, when you think about it should really be referred to as "lightning and thunder," chronologically speaking) is very rare in seattle. i heard one meteorologist say that it's something we only get here maybe four times a year. for this east-coast girl, that is just not enough.

so the arboretum was soaked, which was needed as we hadn't received any rain for almost two weeks, believe it or not. it was looking vibrant and verdant. i wish i had had my big wellie-type boots on and had time to slosh around the trails.

this bridge is for pedestrians only and while it was probably slightly dangerous to snap some shots as i drove on this rainy day, i couldn't resist. the photos don't do it justice. (and the second was included for a) a closer look at the brige, and b) the other vehicle passing by, a prius...very seattle.)

and now that i look at the pics, even though this is just a two-lane road, actually it's lake washington boulevard, it almost reminded me of those delightful bridges of my favorite stretch of highway, the merritt parkway...


ana dane said...

i will singlehandedly reverse the jet stream and send some of those thunderstorms your way, then. we've been having them almost daily.

you can imagine the problem this poses in terms of shoe selection.

Teep said...

I am guilty of snapping and driving... just like you said, sometimes too hard to resist... IE: