Tuesday, July 22

the hardest working man in seattle.

seattle has a lot of public art. some good. some not-so-good. (perhaps i'll feature some of the latter in a future post.) this is some of the good. and, therefore, the hammering man has a prominent place in front of the seattle art museum, which also happens to be the site of my homeward-bound bus stop. i have been known to pull up to the stop just as the #11 is pulling up, but typically, i have a few minutes to stand around after the work day and watch this guy still toiling away until his work day is through.

according to SAM: The Hammering Man's arm "hammers" silently and smoothly four times per minute from 7 am to 10 pm every day. It runs on a 3-hp electric motor set on an automatic timer. Hammering Man rests its arm each evening and every year on Labor Day.

for more info on the guy and the fellow who made him, check out this little page on SAM's website. or, just meet me at the bus stop. you know how i love buses.


ana dane said...

i do know of your love of buses, which, sadly, i still do not understand.

shouldn't labor day be the only day he DOES hammer? in fact, shouldn't that be the only day any of us work?

avra romanowitz said...

i like your way of thinking. you can be my boss.