Thursday, July 24

Pink and Green

I had lunch in Bryant Park yesterday, and while in the middle of complaining about how it is one of my least-favorite parks in New York (too crowded, too much of a scene, too many rats), I suddenly realized what was right in front of me: a stunning tower of pale-pink begonias.

The color, playing off the green of the leaves, trees and park chairs just struck me, all of sudden. So I shut my mouth and just started appreciating what was around me.


avra romanowitz said...

pink & green always tends to equal preppy in my mind. not that that's a bad thing. i'm from new england, too.

specifically, i am immediately reminded of those ribbon barrettes that i wore in my big nappy head of curls as a girl. i think because i had a pair that was pink and green.

should we order some now? too retro?

ana dane said...

dude, those were yet ANOTHER thing i always coveted as a child, and never, ever got.

maybe it is time to make my dreams come true.

avra romanowitz said...

they look really easy to make...i'm sure your sis could whip out a couple dozen pair in about two minutes.