Wednesday, July 2

strong yet ephemeral

it may be hard to tell upon first glance, but this is a spiderweb on the wooden rails of the dock with the lake behind it. while not a big fan of spiders, i do find their webs oddly fascinating. this one had quite a few catches. but what i found and find most amazing is the web's endurance, as well as its industrious creator. it just rained a few moments ago, and the web is still there.

the webs are all over the outdoor furniture and whenever i move chairs around to sit on the dock, i am certain that some web that used to stretch between a chair and the rail, or a chair and another chair, is being torn and destroyed. it doesn't take much to wipe the web away, but every morning i go out there, even if one was removed from the night before, there are fresh, new webs waiting in the morning.

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ana dane said...

i've always loved spiders- when they are at least two feet from my body, that is. it is incredible when you consider the art that "mere" animals produce, without the expensive schooling, drug-induced stupors or SoHo lofts in the '80s.

spiderwebs are the ideal art form to me. they are delicate yet durable, but still always temporary and therefore, more precious.