Sunday, July 20


i don't know what it is about these television signal things, but i like them. and in some strange way find them to be really aesthetically pleasing. i think it's the nice chunky bars of primary, and like-primary (well, secondary) colors that i find so appealing.

i don't find them on the tube as much as i used to when i was a kid and when the world of channels was a much smaller universe. now when i see them, i have a tendency to look at them for a while, not just flip by.

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ana dane said...

i LOVED these when i was a kid. you're right, there were more of them back then.

the monotone that accompanied them totally horrified and fascinated me, too. i can remember sitting on the floor in the kitchen, staring up at it. this was around the same era i watched "dr. who" and had no idea what was going on, just that it was freaky.